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Rebecca Bruton is a textile fibre artist based in a small market town in South Somerset, UK. She specialises in free motion embroidery and appliqué to create her intricate artwork. Textiles is her passion; it was sparked by her grandmother and her magical treasure trove of fabrics and haberdashery that always fascinated her as a child.



Rebecca studied BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture and a PGCE in Art Education at Bath Spa University. Rebecca was awarded the 'Somerset Art Works Emerging Artist 2018' award. Rebecca now exhibits nationally; has been featured in multiple publications and has been invited to contribute to several global projects. She is a member of the 'Society for Embroidered Work' and is an avid supporter of the 'Just a Card' campaign. 


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The vulnerable conservation status of the world's seeds portrayed in thread, fine fabric and stitch conveying an unseen beauty 


A presentation of photosynthetic pigments to generate a feeling of wellbeing, strength and relaxation

Fruit & Veg

A celebration of health and nutrition through vibrant colours and vintage print 

50 Bees

Companion pieces to accompany the intricate work of Somerset artist Lydia Needle, telling the story of the bee's fragile ecosystem in the UK




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