Svalbard Global Seed Vault

"Seed Cultures" Digital Archive​

June 2019 to present day

Svalbard is key to the global preservation of our planets flora. As part of the global art exhibition, Rebecca was selected as the old fibre artist and proudly exhibits her work on the Seed Cultures Digital Exhibition. 

The Seed Cultures Archive website brings together images and projects from artists working across genres and disciplines, who place seeds in their focus. This is to showcase exceptional work exploring the life of seeds through art and culture, and to provide a platform for connection and network building. The website includes images and project statements from a range of international artists engaged with the culture and aesthetics of seeds.


Seed Cultures Archive

June, 2019


I am passionate about the environment and nature and particularly captivated by the beauty and intricate aesthetics of seeds. The magical transformation they undergo in their growth to plants a constant joy.  I’m exploring seeds that become products we are familiar with but have often forgotten their origin. I’ve studied seeds that I find visually captivating and surprising in their form and colouration. Most importantly to me I’m presenting the vulnerable conservation status and perilous sustainability of seeds using vintage fabrics to mimic their colours and reflect how once used they could be lost forever.

1. Traveler’s Palm – Ravenala madagascariensis, Vintage fabric, thread, watercolour paper, 17 x 23 inches, 2018.

2. Tobacco – Nicotiana tabacum, Vintage fabric, thread, watercolour paper, 9 x 8 inches, 2018.

3. Square Stem Spikerush – Elocharis quadrangulata, Vintage fabric, thread, watercolour paper, 8 x12 inches, 2018.

4. Peanut – Arachis hypogaea, Vintage fabric, thread, watercolour paper, 9 x 8 inches, 2018.

Bio: Rebecca Bruton is a textile artist based in Somerset, specialising in free motion embroidery and applique to build up vibrant textile artworks. She uses the sewing machine as a tool to mix colours and ‘paint’ with a free-hand style using threads and vintage fabrics.

Travellers Palm detail.jpg
Square Stem Spikerush.jpg